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Enveloping the viewer and dominating even the largest interior spaces, large scale Giant size artwork visually & emotionally, creates a strong lasting impact.




Since a very long time, artists and their patrons have utilized size to display power and prestige to impress their audiences. In the 18th century USA, landscape painting was considered to be one of the most important types, and thus was executed on bigger canvases.


Interpreted by some to represent the freedom of American expression. Hudson River School painter artist Albert Bierstadt created monumental nature landscape scenes on large-scale canvases that could take up an entire wall.


In the 1980s, technology for creating human-scale photographic prints emerged and thus became a part of the practice of few artists seeking new extreme ways to express themselves. In the 1990s, the group most commonly associated with large-scale photography, and in many ways responsible for the worldwide popularity of the technique, were the students of Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany.


Today, large-scale photography is used to describe photographs that are much larger in size than those associated with traditional film photography. Although they are generally associated with digital color printing, they also encompasses traditional chemical printing techniques.


At MALTESTE, we love creating standard size artworks but Giant large-scale is our speciality. There is just something majestic and impressive about a giant piece of art. If you are looking for a very large format photo-art, we can create any size you need, as large as 120x40 feet (36.60x12.20 meter).


We work mostly directly with private affluent client from all walk of life. We are also in direct contact with interiors consultants, architects and designers. From hallways or high-end lobby interiors, to kitchens or stairwells and also for businesses with spacious reception areas, boardrooms, office areas and communal spaces.


You have made the effort of building something really special, why not crown your achievement with an exclusive custom made artwork that is as equally remarkable. We are all different and so are the spaces we live in. Our photography techniques where specifically in-house developed to create larger than normal sizes. No matter what size and shapes your space may be, we will make them spectacular. We can provide you with a slice of individuality that very few will ever own.


It takes some extra effort to create, finish and deliver large-scale photography artwork, but it’s all part of our turnkey experience & expertise. Whatever your location, we can fill your need or space with something you will cherish for a lifetime.