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In everything we do, for every steps and processes, we do accurately and precisely what’s necessary to produce the highest quality final result.


For Optimal photo capture focus, we use a high pixel camera sensors and use the Scheimpflug focus technique. This enables us to achieve 100% perfect focus clarity on all pixels. When all pixels are perfectly sharp, it just produces exceptional result when resizing to Giant Large-Scale.


Click here for a ful artwork description & what is required to capture a great shot.  


For Optimal large-scale photo sizing, we take a large number of shots (+/- 500) in order to create a master Giant photograph of 1,000 to 7,500 Gigapixels in Giga-Uhd  (software and computer processing time: +/- 24hrs). We are curently able to produce our larges Giga-Uhd large-Scale artwork in the size of 120x40 feet or 36.60C12x20 meter.


For Optimal display result: We cut the final master large-scale artwork in many equal size sections and print them on genuine photo paper via an automated dark room machine. Lastly, we finish these panels and produce a Giant mosaic of multiple equal size panels made out of a sanswich of Plexiglas, Agx photo paper and Aluminum.