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Our confidentiality policy.

At MALTESTE.COM, we keep the information you share with us confidential.  

Your personal information:

Retrieving your personal information on MALTESTE.COM is always a pleasant, hassle-free experience. Here is the type of information we gather to set-up your account, register your products or sign-up for different online programs offered at MALTESTE.COM.

Personal identification:

Name, address, email and phone number.  Omitting any of the requested information will not allow you access to promotions and exclusive offers.

Automatically retrieved information:

We use Internet technology such as cookies and beacons to insure our website’s integrity, as well as to help us update our webpages to suit your needs.

Use of personal information:

Data collection, usage and information disclosure requires your consent. MALTESTE.COM uses your personal data only for its own commercial activities such as:

  • To register you for promotions
  • To create or update accounts
  • To process and follow-up orders
  • To respond to emails ? To communicate with you

We may use your personal data to keep you informed about your account, to notify you about any special offers or services, to keep you up-to-date about your purchases, to better understand your needs and interests, and help us  improve our customer service and communication.  

Does MALTESTE.COM give out received information?

Rest assured your personal data is neither sold nor shared.

Email options:

It is possible that MALTESTE.COM may send you email to update you regarding your order, your account, or to answer your questions.  MALTESTE.COM may also send you information about special offers or promotions.  Should you decide to decline incoming promotional emails you will not have access to special offers.  All MALTESTE.COM promotional emails will give you the option to refuse further emails.

Personal data protection:

MALTESTE.COM has a variety of security measures to protect your personal data.  


You may choose to participate in group discussions, live-chats or live events found on our website.  Since these services are public, information is not protected and can be accessible to all.  MALTESTE.COM is not responsible for any unsolicited messages you may receive by using these services.

Child Security:

Child security is particularly important in online communication.  That is why MALTESTE.COM does not accept personal data from children under 13 years of age without the explicit consent of their parent or guardian.

External links:

Certain sections in this site contain links to other websites.  MALTESTE.COM is not responsible for the confidentiality policy of other websites.  We encourage to check other websites’ privacy policies.

Personal data updates:

Registered VIP MALTESTE members can edit and update their membership profile with their Username and Password. Be assured we will do our best to satisfy your demands. Proof of identity will be required for protection purposes.  

To contact us:

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, or the use of this site, you may communicate with us through the section: contact us.  

Confidentiality policy modification:

MALTESTE.COM reserves the right to modify its policy without notification at all times.