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The earth is spinning fast ... too fast!

As time rushes by, the beauty of nature's flora and fauna urges me to take the time necessary to create my ULTRA HD photography. I love to be surrounded by nature, to be immersed in the scents, the calm and the serenity of the natural world. I love to stop, watch and meditate. Nature is indispensable to me.

Earth, the mother of us all, is tired. It spins at full capacity, barely managing the insatiable appetites of industry and the world's growing population.

The Earth never ceases to amaze, with the complexity and diversity of its vast oceans, arid deserts, and tropical forests. Our world is threatened by human endeavors like deforestation, as well as natural disasters, such as erosion and climate change. We know for certain that humans have had a negative impact on the environment.

It is important to be aware of the dangers that await us and take the necessary preventative measures in our control to improve the situation. If we want to start to reverse this negative trend then we must change our habits and teach the next generation ways in which they can make a difference. Our attitude, and the attitude we teach our children, is crucial in allowing us to continue to live on a healthy planet. This is the greatest gift we can leave to future generations.

My work allows me the privilege of witnessing the natural beauty that surrounds us. My photos are an eloquent example of nature's beauty, and demonstrate the collective loss if we continue with our destructive attitude, without taking positive action.