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Born artist, 1962. A fine art photographer and environmentalist from Canada.

Best known for his colour immersive and extensive large size landscape photography artwork of wildlife, American southwest, Africa and Canada, often rendering mountains, waterfalls and sunset sunrise and also sometime depicting dramatic natural phenomena that he sees during his photography expedition.



Born in quebec, he was attracted to the art world from the beginning of his early life. He did his first hand drawing before he could walk and would bring pencils & paper on familly vacation anywhere they would travel. He had a few friends, but his familly in Chambly provided ample childhood activities. He had no patience for games or team sport, but took the beauty of nature at an early age. He completed his Art degree at CEGEP Old Montreal & Bachelor at Universite du quebec in Montreal.

He is an autodidact Artist & photographer, learning mostly through a lenghty scientific method. In 1984 he changed his art medium from drawin and painting to black and white photography after learning a few camera tricks from his older brother using a Pentax ME Super.



The purpose of his introspective photo-art is to reveal positive emotions and well-being through the sublime beauty of nature. Humanity if represented, is depicted as accessory or minuscule in comparison to the greater exquisite beauty & reality of nature.



In april 1984, MALTESTE began experimenting with darkroom using Ilford black and white film and photo paper. He later made his first long exposure color photograph of a F1 sport car using Fuji Velvia slide film. He began digital photography in 2009 with a top of the line newly acquired Nikon D3X camera. In 2010 he began manual digital stitching for panoramic photography and learned about GIGA-UHD giant format photography during the same period. Since 2014 he has a folding plexiglass car roof tent (Autohome) mounted on the top of his car to allow more freedom during his adventurous photography expeditions.



He only shoots "in camera" with a Nikon digital camera using exclusivelly tilt and shift lenses and a large collection of neutral optical filters. He shoots only in natural light conditions and demonstrates a highly methodical approach in his photography.

For perfect planes of sharpness & absolute photo accuracy, he uses an old view camera technique called the Scheimpflug principleHis technique emphasizes both sharp and deep focus (sometimes called straight photography), a more realistic approach that relies more heavily on sharp focus, heightened contrast & accurate exposure. He emphasises the use of long exposure in natural light wich creates sharp details combined with a painterly effect on a wide range of focus. 

Previsualization is his most important technique, "visualizing" each image before taking it toward the goal of achieving altogether the aesthetic, intelectual, spiritual and mecanical desired effect. His composition & perspective are drawn from an ultra low to center vantage point. This immersive position enables the viewer to encounter scenes encompassing low, center, top & all periphery in absolute perfect focus, wich are ordinarly totally beyond reach altogether.



His style is based on a carefully detailed Expressionism & romanticism photography style with a slight presence of soul and emotions and a glowing lighting effect, sometimes called Luminism.

He is best known for his calm, serene and high impact lifelike color photographs and the large size and overall quality of his genuine photo paper prints.



GIANT SIZE: He is able to produce his photo artwork on GENUINE AgX silver-halide photo paper in sizes exceeding 40x120 feet (12.19M X 36.57M).


PRINTING PROCESS: Each series; THE ONE Epitome Series &  ICON 38 Series (artist proof) are meticulously printed on GENUINE AgX silver halide photo paper (Agx), which increases the dynamic range, tonal values, light sensitivity and the glow of the artwork while helping accentuate the vibrant ultra lifelike contrasts and colors. For any high quality and discriminating seeker, this genuine photo wet process is the absolute best printing process curently available in the world.




Hudson school & Luminism painter: Albert Bierstadt 

Baroque painters: Johannes VermeerRembrandtVelasquez 

Post-Impressionism painter: Vincent Van Gogh

Expressionist & Symbolist painter: Gustav Klimt 



GROUP f/64

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