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For as long as I can remember, I have had an urgent need to create. From my formal studies in fine art and 3D design, to my work as a self-taught film or digital photography, creativity, with all that implies, from intellectual process, to analysis of form, colour and texture, is both a necessity, and a constant fascination.  

When capturing an image, I use the most modern optic and neutral filter technologies available to create my personal photographic vision.

To me, photography is above all a medium to create, rather than just a simple representation of reality. Whether viewing a vast landscape or a detailed close-up, my aim is to captivate the viewer and draw out new emotions and thoughts, as though looking at an image for the first time, familiar or not.

MaltesteMy images focus on nature's fragility and beauty, and highlight what's at stake in the wake of our casual attitude towards it.  They illustrate the natural world and its wildlife in all its splendor, blurring the line between reality and our imaginings of it. For me, the most successful and captivating images are those that contain a kaleidoscope of emotions, contradictory and paradoxical. These photographs are the result of more than thirty years of creative work. My way of looking at the world allows me to express in these prints my own vision, which is the sum of my experience and knowledge to date. I wish you as much pleasure in the discovery of my art as I had in the making of it. This constant search for the sublime, the seeking out of new places and the ways in which to convey them, is the engine that drives me to express my personal vision of our world.Signature