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Every MALTESTE PLEXI-ART artworks are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 60 days from the date of purchase. Due to the risks of handling, MALTESTE photos delivered in "print finish" are not covered by this guarantee.

The invoice or proof of purchase is necessary to validate the guarantee.

  1. The guarantee is not transferable.
  2. The guarantee applies only to purchases made from authorised MALTESTE gallery / retailers.
  3. The guarantee does not cover breakage or damages caused by mishandling, abnormal storage, exposure to a heat source, excessive humidity, or any other unauthorized modification. Also, damage caused during personal shipping, incorrect installation, or the use of inappropriate cleaning products is not covered by the guarantee.
  4. The specifications of MALTESTE photographs are subject to change without notice.

UNPACKING AND HANDLING: It is strongly recommended that you take extreme care when handling photography prints and PLEXI-ARTS works.  To avoid fingerprints, use cotton gloves when handling. To minimize the risk of scratches, we recommend that you handle MALTESTE artwork only at your picture framer's shop or just prior to final installation.  We recommend that you save the packaging for any future shipping needs.  When wrapping a PLEXI-ARTS work to be moved, you must assure that the plastic protective coating from the initial delivery is put back on before shipping.

CARE: MALTESTE fine art prints or PLEXI-ARTS works require very little care. It is strongly recommended to avoid using domestic or commercial solid or liquid cleaning products on MALTESTE photos. They can damage the surface finish. We advise instead the use of a soft cloth made especially for fragile materials such as camera lenses. These cloths are available at photography supply stores.