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For superior display, we offer our artworks in various type of PLEXI-ART finishes.

PLEXI-ART, a method that showcases and protects your work of art. The photograph is protected by a highly-resistant plexi-glass acrylic, so efficient that the possibility of scratches and warping on the photographic paper is totally non-existent. Using this display method gives an incomparable life-long finish.

The PLEXI-ART process places your MALTESTE artwork photograph between a sheet of plexi-glass (acrylic) of 3 or 6 mm thickness with a high light diffusion index, and a sheet of black opaque aluminium composite of 3 mm thickness. The advantages of this method are many:

  1. The photo is protected from 99.7% of UV light rays by the plexi-glass and glue used. UV light is the single biggest enemy of printing by breaking down the fabric of the print.
  2. Plexi-glass is more resistant than regular glass, and lessens the risks of damage during transportation.
  3. Plexiglass is twice as light as regular glass, so considerably reduces transportation costs as well as making the artwork easier to hang.  

Following this method, the photo and its support are fused with a special glue. Once this process is finished, the art is trimmed, polished and then mounted on a support frame, ready to display. Note that a PLEXI-ART finish reduces the dimensions of the picture up to 1/4 of an inch each side. For example, a 20 inch X 30 inch photo is reduced to about 19.5 inches X 29.5 inches in size.

No traditional framing method allows such uniformity between the photograph and its frame, or brings it to life so well. With this method there is unequalled clarity, vibrant contrast and intense colour saturation across the entire surface image. As well, this type of framing allows greater perception of the picture plane when the eye travels around the image. Finally, a modern framing method that combines beauty, protection and longevity. PLEXI-ARTS, or, the fusion of art and technology. 


We currently offer our PLEXI-ART technology in 4 distinct flavours:


FOR THE ONE Epitome SERIES (Limited edition of 1 Artist Proof)

PLEXI-ART ULTRA: Flush mount: 1/4 in Plexiglass front panel, 100% aluminium 3mm back panel + Aluminium 2 x 2 inches sub frame + blk or white  plexiglass or exotic wood sidings.

PLEXI-ART CARBON: Flush mount: 1/4 in plexiglass front panel, 100% aluminium 3mm back panel + aluminium 2x2 in sub frame + pure carbon fiber sidings. 


FOR OUR ESOTERIC Giant Size Series (Limited edition of 8 Artist poof)

PLEXI-ART: Recessed 1/8 in Plexiglass front panel, 1/8 aluminium composite back panel + aluminium hanghing sub frame 3/4 x 3/4 in.


FOR OUR ICON Bespoke Series (Limited edition of 38 Artist Proof)

PLEXI-ART: Recessed or flush mount: 1/8 in Plexiglass front panel, 1/8 aluminium composite back panel + aluminium hanghing sub frame 3/4 x 3/4 in.

PLEXI-ART PLUS: Recessed: 1/8 Plexiglass front pannel, 1/8 aluminium composite back panel + 5 inch thick frame around the artwork.


LIGHTING OF PLEXI-ART ARTWORKS: The photographic paper used for MALTESTE fine art prints is very light-sensitive. To maximize visual impact, a top quality lighting set-up is recommended. We strongly suggest that you light and display your artwork with a light source of multiple light bulbs in the vicinity of 60 watts and 2,700 degrees Kelvin. The larger the artwork, the more lightbulbs will be needed.