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Every MALTESTE artwork prints are produced in private photo labs, where each work of art is printed on archival-quality photographic paper. The Prints we produce are of the highest professional standards, using archival-quality museum-standard SILVER-HALIDE (AgX) emulsions and paper.

When using SILVER-HALIDE (AgX) paper, the photo-emulsion is suspended in a gelatin film incorporating silver bromide crystals that are light sensitive. The latent photographic image is made when the silver bromide crystals (AbBr) are briefly exposed to light.

Printing our artwork on opaque SILVER-HALIDE (AgX) photo paper, produces a lifelike backlight 3D effect, superior rendering of details, colours, contrasts, tonal variations, gradations, vibrancy, richness and colour saturation, all without fading, losing contrast or luminance for a very very long time.


This expensive printing process is the very best printing method available on the market today.


LIGHTING OF MALTESTE ARTWORK: Our Agx genuine photo paper is very light- sensitive & to maximize visual impact, a top quality lighting set-up is recommended. We strongly suggest that you light and display MALTESTE artwork with multiple bulb light source in the vicinity of 60 watts and 2,700 degrees Kelvin color temperature. Please note that the larger the artwork, the more light bulbes will be needed to produce optimal lighting of your workart.