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“Awesome pictures ! Love them all !

Great Job ! Best wishes.”

Samuel –

“It has a splendid way of taking nature to a different level: life and colors.”


“I was genuinely impressed with the quality photography that I saw in the gallery. The images are absolutely stunning, and the artist himself very easygoing and completely down to earth, what a gentleman. I have a very cute little story to tell about my encounter with Malteste, but this was the first time I randomly walked by an art gallery and ended up walking out with a wonderful acquisition.

Malteste created something beyond special and I am a proud owner of the Angel he (...)”

Millie – Brooklyn, NY

“Beautiful inspiration, hope it will never expire!”


“Mr MALTESTE , I'm hugely affected your work!!
You have a rare talent; continue to make us vibrate...
Thank you very much for your generosity. Your work allows me to see my life with other eyes.”

Didier Arcamone – Saint-Constant


Some of the most amazing photography I have ever seen.”


“His memorable art communicates.

Malteste captures unrepeatable natural art in motion and conveys nature's organic presence. His work frames primal emotions in tactile beauty. We voted Malteste as the best photographer in the international New York Art Expo. He is an extremely talented artist and philanthropic gentleman.

Manhattan Art Auction, NY”

Manhattan Art Auctions – New York City

“I want to express how much I LOVE the work of Malteste. I now own for pieces of his work and expect every time I come to Montreal I will buy another. You will not be sorry you invested in his work. Take it in and enjoy.

Jim Tranmer (USA)”

Jim Tranmer – Connecticut

“This art is very unique and beautiful. It makes me feel relaxed !”


“WOW !

What else to say !”

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